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The objective is to give you fit for purpose, innovative designs and help you turn ideas into reality.

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Varied Knowledge

We cover many industries and market sectors such as: architectural, mechanical, aerospace, electrical, agricultural engineering, et cetera.

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Best Designers for Your Projects

Whether it’s a one-off, occasional ad-hoc project, or perhaps a long term design support need. Designbrief will accompany you on this journey.

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About Designbrief Consultancy

With an increasing Partner Network and unmatched level of expertise, our company's built on strong foundations and can enter new markets through creative strategies, collaborations and commitment to promote its Network. We strive to provide the highest standard of design and artwork solutions to our customer base.

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Why Hire Us?

We connect the expertise in every area of the creative industry.

  • Accomplished

    Over 200 years of combined knowledge from different industries. With expert Professors, Doctors and Designers you have the best team working on your projects.

  • Unique

    Able to identify your problems quickly to minimise cost and optimise your design to improve OEMs, KPIs etc.

  • Professional

    Tailor every area from concept to delivery with every element being managed effectively and efficiently.

  • Confident

    Full working knowledge of manufacturing processes, tooling design, lean techniques, approval processes, development strategies, et cetera.

Areas of Practice

Our uniqueness comes from our capability to provide customers from a broad range of industries with a seamless outsourcing experience and to deliver customized professional design and artwork solutions.

Years Of Experience In Various Sectors

Design your life with DesignBrief

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DesignBrief is a company which has been built on high standards and excellence. Join the team, and let your journey begin.

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