Sectors we are active in & our Services.

20+ Years of experience.


With a team of Registered ARB Architects, Technologists & Technicians within our exclusive Partner Network we can ensure that your project is fully compliant with RIBA working practices. Please see our working process for an insight on what to expect.
The following list is inclusive of all services offered by Designbrief that cover the Architectural Sector:
●Initial concept sketches
●2D drawings for drafting, planning, approvals and construction.
●3D modelling including high visualization CGI rendering. Various levels of CGI is available from clay modelling to high quality realistic artwork.
●4D modelling, the addition from the 3D package that includes time as the fourth dimension. This works well for larger projects whereby planning according to CDM 2015, inclusion of timing allows the construction and planning see that all areas are being met over a given time period, i.e. What level of brickwork will be completed at a certain point in the project, and what scaffolding or safety equipment will be needed safely onsite, and allowing the project management team to see what problems can be ironed out before it actually gets to site, eliminating unnecessary time and drain on resources. Alternatively imagine a picture board gantt chart that identify potential pit falls in the project safety scope.
●BIM – Building Information Modelling. This has been around for a number of years but is really only started to take shape now the digital world is more collaborative. All information of the project is within the BIM structure, working collaboratively between partners and suppliers. I.e. How the fenestration company will fix its product to the cavity wall and ensure that what is pre approved collaboratively, there will be no confusion or technical set backs during the phases of Development within the control of the plan.
●Prototype model of the project. If a digital outlook is not good enough and you want to physically see the project before its built, a smaller scale of the project can be fabricated to ensure the client is happy with the design.

Inclusion of a project manager, planning consultant, structural engineer and a quantity surveyor for all projects.
Being highly critical of whom we work with, we ensure you have the best team to produce the best results. We give the best advice based on solid experience and ensure we become the back bone, that keeps the project on track and within budget, whilst maintaining impeccable high standards.
DesignBrief Consultancy Limited can carry out orders from small projects to large orders with a continuous level of high service.
We also have the capacity to draft in further expert advice as and where necessary in order to comply with the full spectrum of building services, such as ground inspection, produce Bat and ecological surveys etc.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Our engineering and manufacturing department is set up to ensure that our design works for your products in mind.
Everything that is manufactured has an engineered approach.
We ultimately design the component and produce the tooling to suit.
We work for solutions that not only have a lean impact on the company but methodically improves the process in which it’s produced.
There is no limitation to what we can produce for you.
We look at the assembled design as a complete package, the component structural and fatigued states, invest time in a topological design review to add value and reduce costs.
We investigate the product in a process of manufactured state, i.e.
A casting would require a pattern, a mould, a running metal supply of various grades to meet foundry needs to make the part sound. It would need methoding to ensure the yield returned is profitable. The clipping, coining tooling functions and ensure that all jigs and fixtures are designed for CNC machining.
All areas are catered for as a design package.
All this manufactured process means certain changes are applicable to the original concept design, we provide a full history native design for manufacture model both Raw and machined states.
We can also export dummy models such as stp or iges.
We can supply from concept to tool delivery in all materials from model board to cast iron. The full spectrum of services with specialised design that suits the industry you belong.
We all know the common problem with 99% of design agencies and that is they just don’t know how or what you have to do to make the product/tooling. That’s were we are different. Our partner Network has skills in your industry and we procure the best experts to work with us on your project as if it came from your own business with your interests at mind.
Rapid prototyping & 3D printing, we offer the full spectrum.
Need something machined to show potential clients, see if it works in a vehicle fit out or just a low volume of replacement parts?
Or have a project whereby you need 3D printed products in a variety of materials. We have the availability to produce to your requirements.
Just get in touch for a quote.


Designbrief's expertise within the commercial sector is extensive and vast. We're in a position to fulfil as well as go beyond our client's expectations within all elements of business property. We cover all phases of the task, from preparing to design.
All of our answers within the business sector are special to the task and the client's visions and needs. This particular experience has provided us an excellent insight into the demands as well as the technological and design advancements which are essential within a quickly growing sector.
From retail and hospitality to Business identity and branding. Creative Design is bountiful and without borders. Our creative teams offer all services from HSE 2D fire plans to shop floor heat maps, Website development to custom T shirt design and supply.
Take a look at our fine website, modest much! But we think it’s great and was done by ourselves.
Maybe you require more handcrafted artwork, well we offer illustration and traditional methods of artwork also from oil painting to sketches. Or maybe a new design of pottery for a touch of individuality to use in your own coffee shop?
We have the endless possible solutions, but we bring it all together as a package. We have expert furniture designers, fixtures and fitting specialists who design the best next level stuff on the market today. Want proof, take a look at some of the portfolios of our furniture gurus.
Photography for business or a personal event, come talk to us. We have the best on our team and would love to come work with you.


Some of our designers have a portfolio with some astounding high street retailers proudly spouting the work they have done.
As these creative geniuses work they capture the mood, essence and spirit of what is required and deliver the statement in a well executed designed garment or accessory.
Maybe you could look at these if you have a wedding in mind, make sure to check the photographers out also.
Or maybe you want a corporate identity for your business. Come talk to us, we can arrange a consultation to go through your requirements and put together a complimentary package for you to take away.

Space & Defence

When dreams are on the verge of reality.
Well we are putting our visions into reality with our Space projects.
We are currently product designing a concept device for energy capture and deployment in Space. Shhh can’t say too much yet, but as a company we are designing for the stars and we have the team to supply the expertise we need to make dreams a reality.
We will ensure our company is at the forefront of sustainable and ecological decisions to make tomorrow’s life better for humanity.
Our Defense department is subject to review current methods of defense design and propose new or enhanced versions to better our Nations defenses.
We are suppliers to Defcon, Defra local & HM Government.
We aim to be better engineered on our product design offering than what’s out there currently.
A fresh pair of eyes, imagine Batman’s cave of goodies or Iron Man’s brilliance in AI hybrid technologies.

Gaming & Software Development

As a Microsoft Partner, Reseller and developer we build apps, games, software, in game add on and build programs for companies to perform better.
We love Data integration and the IoT, SAAS have such a requirement for a digital footprint it only made sense for us to go all gun ho on ensuring our customers had a full array of creative design possibilities.
We hope our game development will be the next generation of inspiration.
We have a dedicated team such as a developer, programmer, texture artist, animator, concept artist, UI UX specialist and a benchmark of gamers who vet our developments.
Our Minecraft community has downloaded our add on over 20,000 times with positive feedback.
Want a solution? Come talk, even businesses can enjoy the benefits of an engineered KPI or NPI database process software tailored to their own needs.


Our design team are multi disciplined and we have the capacity and capability to work with all reputable design packages and beyond.
Some of the packages we are highly competent in in are as follows:
●AutoDesk, as members of the works Council for Autodesk we have been involved with ensuring the latest softwares are better than the last. We have decades of experience using the family of softwares such as Inventor, AutoCad, Revit, Fusion 360, Civil 360, Maya, BIM 360, Eagle, Navisworks, RECAP Pro, BIM Collaborate, Flame, A360, Advance Steel, Alias, Arnold, CFD, Assemble, Helius Composite, Infraworks, Fabrication for MEP, MoldFlow, Mudbox, Netfabb, Power Inspect, Power Mill, powershape, smoke and Vault.
●PTC products such as Creo, Onshape, Vuforia family of products, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) using Thingworx, Kepware, PLM via Windchill, Arena for the SAAS PLM platform and MathCad.
●Catia V5
●Siemens NX

Work with something else?
Let us know and we shall see if we have worked in this before, the above list is just our common packages.
●We can produce 2D drawings, 3D modelling (including reverse engineering)
●We have the capacity to 3D scan and create a cloud or iges model for your quality assurance process.
●Full inspection reporting on gauges, fixtures and tooling for piece of mind.


Our approach is simple, common sense and best suited metrics for the business we work with. Yield, time, human resources, design and cost are all factored in to all our projects to ensure optimum process and design is appropriately correlated to the need of the business. This is a key pledge to ensure what we provide is 100% fulfilling the need of the client. Its easy for a designer with no knowledge of the process to develop a part, but flaws are inherent in the design and will only report to problems later. With our understanding of the process, need and what is expected we can provide a fit for purpose product design ready for manufacture. This encapsulates the whole process from concept to tooling to delivery of product. This methodology coupled with our procurement management ISO20400 process creates a robust foundation for design delivery with limited margin of error.

Standards and Compliances

We pride ourselves on delivering high Quality Assurance with the services, products and experience you receive from us. As a company we are also highly invested in being a sustainable and ecological friendly business, that deliver solutions which has an added value to society and the planet. Together we can design tomorrow’s world, Design for Life.
We are currently working to robust our processes to the following standards whilst being active members with BSI. Our membership number is 47837868.
●ISO 9001
●ISO 14001
●ISO 27001
●ISO 20400
●OHAS 18001
●BS 202000
●IATF 16949
●ISO 19650

As our company grows our commitment shall be to adopt more standardisation to drill down core competencies within each department. We shall improve our AEC trade body connections, at present we are members of the Institute of Cast Metal Engineers.


We are able to fulfil all elements of a brief to understand the full requirements of the healthcare team. We can act as dependable advisors at the setting up phase through to providing multidisciplinary engineering services for a new healthcare project.
We work with our UK network of partners to prioritise a sustainable style solution with focus on carbon control, power reduction, drinking water efficiency, as well as cleaner transport methods.
Working very closely with all the members and stakeholders to make certain each job collaboratively and smoothly progresses from original acquisition as well as the legislative and statutory processes to the building and delivery phases.
One of our pledges is to deliver advanced, cost effective, renewable structural solutions, that are arranged to but exceed customer needs for the project.


Designbrief Consultancy is completely experienced in dealing with both national casing developers and private particular developers. A bespoke is provided by us, and we think, a service that is uniquely customized to the individual requirements of the creator. Whether it's a little individual dwelling growth or even a big multi-phased project Designbrief Consultancy Ltd is able to offer the services needed.
We completely review masterplans as well as home-style designs, ensuring compliance with the essential standards such as Building Regulations and NHBC. The experience of ours and understanding cover all types of buildings as well as steel frames, concrete, timber, or traditional cavity for each apartment and housing. Utilizing the most recent technology as well as design software we create each design to probably the highest standards into a completely coordinated as well as detailed functioning drawing.
Designbrief and our Network believes effective and clear communication is actually crucial to the prosperous delivery of every project. We work closely with the design staff ensuring all of the production info is actually presented on time and completely coordinated with every consultant, getting rid of style problems prior to commencing work on-site, staying away from increased costs.
Our drive to provide' value' to the client stretches throughout the design services of ours. Using a combination of technology and expertise, we make an effort to provide architects, planners as well as housing developers' cost savings in both finances and time.
Designbrief Consultancy Ltd additionally offers bespoke housing layout, which is actually becoming increasingly desired by real estate associations. Often overlooked at the setting up stage, we're able to include requirements like the 'optional building regulations standard M4(2) entitled 'accessible and adaptable dwellings' within our layout packages.
Examples of services provided:
●New Build Housing & Apartment Design
●Multi-Phased Developments
●Coordinated consultant info
●NHBC approval
●Regional Authority approval and coordination
●Statutory Undertaker electric layout, licence understanding and approval
●Conveyance Plans
●Sustainable urban drainage solutions
●Flood Risk Assessment along with Strategic Drainage Design Highways, Hardstanding & Drainage Design which includes the usage of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) as well as overland flow modelling.
●Earthworks style and modelling analysis.
The organization as a whole thinks it's important every client should be supported with no concern of either delivery or quality.


We've considerable knowledge of the exact needs of mixed-use and retail developments. Our service strategy is wholly focused upon offering value to our customers whilst acknowledging the perspective of the end-user.
The architect is supported by us as well as understand planner, advising the design staff on every engineering element of the development including:
●Provision of transportation assessments as well as travel programs.
●Flood Risk Assessment along with Strategic Drainage Design
●Utilities Assessment and Supply Negotiation
●Technical assistance and input to Section 106/278/38 agreements
●Environmental Impact Support
●Earthworks style and modelling analysis.
●Geometric Highways, Hardstanding & Drainage Design which includes the usage of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) as well as overland flow modelling.
●Highways and organizing authority negotiations as well as approvals
●Site Infrastructure appraisals
●Website Investigations and Contamination studies
●Remediation Statements

In addition to the AEC services DesignBrief can also assist existing retail businesses in exploring optimum floor planning, marketing material and in instances of products, new merchandise through our UK Network of Designers offering new and bespoke products through our chain of supply. DesignBrief prides itself on adding value to customers and its Network. For example, if you are a retail outlet selling clothing, we have fashion designers who have worked with top brands, we can create bespoke new lines of clothing, produce and deliver to your store, whilst providing all effective marketing and advertising solutions for your business. This process is applicable for many business types and can offer a competitive advantage to boost interest and sales. Giving access to small businesses the power to grow with the backbone of our procurement process.

Civil Engineering

We provide civil engineering products from venture conception through to conclusion and agree on the last account. We have a wealth of expertise in the design of most kinds of projects across all the sectors as well as urban regeneration, all elements and mixed-use developments of infrastructure design and control. This experience extends into central and local government preparation and negotiation.
Key Services:
●Street and interstate structures design
●Transportation & traffic engineering
●Earthworks design including 3D-modelling
●Utility style & control including Statutory Undertakers negotiations
●Hydraulic modelling like watercourse diversion
●Site supervision & inspections
●Due diligence article and assessment
●Cost management

Structural Design

With expertise spanning construction engineering sectors such as education, health, residential, commercial markets and leisure, we utilise state-of-the-art Building Information Modelling features, to provide independent, and revolutionary suggestions to our clientele.
Key Services:
●Feasibility studies
●Basement design
●Concept tender and detailed design
●Construction strategy info
●Monitoring on-site
●Temporary works design
●Refurbishment & restoration
●Listed structures as well as conservation management
●Structural surveying
●Structural balance style and assessment
●Site supervision & inspection
●Structural safety inspections
●Repair and investigation of broken buildings
●Structural auditing
●Pre-acquisition/due diligence surveys
●Value Engineering

Project Management

We provide a range of integrated certified project management services. We follow a planned, controlled and organised strategy to project management to make certain the successful delivery of a task on time and on spending budget whilst aiming to meet or exceed the customers' expectations. This's carried out through project management, mitigation and risk management whilst maintaining brilliance as well as offering quality and satisfaction.
Our knowledge spans all phases of development and project management solutions, such as most commonly used Prince2. But methods such as WBS the work breakdown structure, Divide and conquer, Gantt Chart, PERT (Program, Evaluate and Review Technique), CPM (Critical Path Method) and KANBAN will also be used in conjunction to ensure your project is managed effectively.
All front-end feasibility is supported by us and conceptual scientific studies, whilst managing the comprehensive style, building and commissioning stages.
Key Services:
●Project & design management
●Project coordination
●Contract management and guidance
●Construction supervision
●Risk management
●Tender & procurement management
●Site acquisition surveys
●Value management

Environment & Sustainability

We deliver a range of environmental services, guidance and advice in complying with environmental regulations and assessing environmental performance.
All our environmental services are tailored to provide a bespoke customer service.
Key Services:
●Flood risk assessment reports
●Flood prevention guidance
●Environmental impact assessments
●Noise, vibration and air quality monitoring
●Environmental monitoring
●Sustainable urban drainage solutions
●Ecology management and assessment
●Habitat management and surveys
●Waste management

Special Services

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is actually a good software application for developing and modelling items in the unique industry. The application has helped the market with accuracy and ease in order to revolutionize their work procedures as well as to enhance their product layouts for business development.
Applications of CAD for the specific business include the method of building, analyzing, changing, drafting and optimizing product data, in order to achieve its design goal effectively and efficiently. We take input information for using graphics product design, item style and pushes the peripherals for merchandise presentation.
CAD is thoroughly applied in unique engineering procedures as well as 3D designs. It offers a widespread working area for geometry development and also for the linkage of many simulation procedures, consumer requirements, and legislation tasks.
We offer special services in different areas such as: F1, sporting (cycling to yachting), Defence armour design to weapons system design), et cetera.


We've many years of expertise in the design of educational and academic facilities, from specialised tiny scale classroom amenities to the transformation as well as refurbishment of current listed structures, to the look of legendary brand new faculty buildings.
Drawing from this deep understanding of academic needs and fused with our technological know-how we support schools, universities and colleges to satisfy the high standards required by our pupils and clients alike.
DesignBrief pushes the boundaries further ensuring we add future value such as detailing fenestration products that reduce U-Values, to improve building performance.
DesignBrief design new concepts for integration and work with system suppliers to ensure your building conforms to future possible changes in legislation. We feel this gives you satisfaction in your responsibility as trustees when appointing new tender opportunities.
We feel that projects should be ready for future changes to improve equity, value and is a common call to action for trusts who plan for a sustainable future.
DesignBrief can help you meet those targets to ensure your funding will go further.

Public Sector

Our knowledge of working on public sector plans spans all components, from the layout of specialized health care departments, main schools through to faculty departments and accommodation. We draw upon the technical expertise of ours as well as utilise Building Information Modelling/Virtual Design and Construction (BIM/VDC) strategies to offer an ideal pattern solution whilst allowing a collaborative technique of dealing with both the layout delivery staff along other stakeholders.
Our design strategy is actually creating a sustainable style solution that is aimed at client needs, is actually secure and match for objective, giving a productive and positive atmosphere by ensuring high levels of comfort, air quality, natural lighting effects as well as acoustics.


We concentrate on supporting our customers' brand new product development, pre-production cycle, niche vehicle platforms as well as aftermarket component manufacture.
We're in a position to design and engineer the tooling and a component needed to create it and to produce both in house.
We provide a complete turnkey solution from Engineering support, Creative Design, Product Definition, and Strategy right through to very low volume creation, just about all under one roof.
We work in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 202000 and are working toward the IATF 16949.


As a CGI business, we work closely with our consumers to create high-quality CGI animations & walkthroughs, making use of the current production strategies to bring the designs of yours to life. From listening to the aspirations of yours and taking the specialized brief, we wish to surpass the expectations of yours.
3D animation is actually the easiest way to completely visualise some tasks may it be a product display, tour around a residential/office room or maybe a comprehensive fly around for a city regeneration or maybe resort complex. From the vantage point of ours as a reputable 3D animation business, we learn how to locate the best angle to showcase the work of yours.

Industrial Design

Everyone knows the saying 'a picture paints a thousand words' and it is correct, 3D Visuals help market your thoughts or maybe designs better compared to words alone. It is about presenting the ideas of yours to a consumer or perhaps manufacturer.
Manufacturing items on a large scale will put a high amount of value on the physical design. Visualising the idea in a virtual world is going to enable you to perfect the product, before creating the prototype for tests.
Designbrief Consultancy has a more experienced staff of design engineers that have worked on technically advanced goods and tools. Able to defeat a range of difficulties, the staff are passionate about fixing issues and finding the most effective solution.
A definite focus on engineering ensures we produce items which are very easy to work with. We are always aware of the importance to the budget, especially where manufacturing costs are actually required, along with being informed of time constraints.
The design component for industrial production is just one aspect of a much larger process. Designbrief Consultancy provides a range of products in that area which allows us to help clients at any point. Additionally, it makes us an excellent partner when you require a certain style of expertise since we understand the wider task.
Using CAD programs, our design engineers are able to challenge themselves on the viability of a service. Detailed drawings unlock the possibility of a new concept or perhaps existing concept. Additionally, they give you a wider option of companies along with a quality checklist so you are able to examine the components which arrive back.
The service area covers the whole AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction). So this could mean anything from factory design (build stages, electrical, ventilation, safety, equipment etc), process, planning, tooling, testing and Product supply. DesignBrief have all areas covered removing the need for in-house procurement and planning.

Reverse Engineering

If you have a part or maybe product that you have to remanufacture, but do not have the manufacturing drawings or maybe documentation, then our reverse engineering service is able to help.
At Designbrief Consultancy we can scan the components of yours to create 3D CAD models as well as provide revised manufacturing drawings, vice versa. This's perfect for complicated, smaller areas where accuracy is actually vital and manufacture of the parts is critical to time limitation.
For bigger parts, we use hand measuring methods to produce 3D models as well as 2D assembly drawings.
These three-dimensional models are able to assist you to remanufacture a product, further develop an element probably used in production or perhaps design and manufacture a brand new item. This leads onto product development and the use of Simulation tools to verify the performance of the product.
The reverse engineering staff of ours would like to talk to you about the task of yours, so take advantage of the years of theirs expertise and get in touch now.

Site Surveys & Building Plans

Whether you are moving premises, reorganising the current room of yours or maybe looking to enhance production flow or even consumer experiences, exact plans are an important part of the process of approval.
Our surveying team is going to capture your current building plan; both from supplied sketches, CAD data and a Site survey.
Designbrief will then prepare proposals based on the brief of yours while taking into account developing constraints, energy, current legislation and requirements. We will then submit this information for approval and start the process.
We gcan assist you as much as you need, providing a range of services from simple and quick sketches to complete project 4D designs.
Our clients span a wide range of industries and within our Network we have drawn up blueprints for; houses, sites, shops, factories, offices, government and securities to transportation, bridges and Sea Ports. We have expertise in all areas and there is nothing we are limited too.

3D Cad Modelling

We're experts in supplying 3D CAD models which effectively upgrade your 2D drawings. This 3D CAD service offers coordinated and clash-free modelling. Our smart design assessment reports also help pinpoint possible problems prior to installation and fabrication.
We provide an assortment of 3D CAD style services, which range from conceptual 3D modelling through to fully automated engineering design.
We likewise offer 3D modelling services together with 3D printed or prototype from CNC capabilities. We are able to create 3D CAD designs in the file native language or exported as dummy models such as stp, iges or shrink-wrapped models to formats including STL for 3D printed means.

3D Printing

CAD applications can be used to create an exact visual look of the product. Traditional manufacturing is an expensive and lengthy procedure. That is the reason we've invested in 3D print through our accredited Partner Network.
You do not usually have to have a CAD file containing the layout of yours, we are able to work from sketches, drawings, even spoken descriptions. However we have to generate a 3D file in an stl format for success.
The freedom of 3D print has some other advantages for companies. This's because of the ability to create small batches of tooling and fixtures rather than manufacturing on a big scale. It saves time, can be repeated at a fraction of the cost and has little impact on supply times.
Some uses for 3D print in a variety of engineered materials are as follows.
●Creating a bespoke aspect for particular project.
●Making replacement parts as necessary, saving money and time.
●Links to prototyping by analysing particular components and rapidly adapting if needed Being in a position to print items in a very short period of time can make this an extremely helpful facility. Not only for items that are brand new but also in case you're trying to re-engineer or maybe repair existing machinery.

Digital Prototyping

Our Digital Prototyping service enables you to digitally explore the item of yours before it is even been built. We can even demonstrate this in a virtual reality setting using Veforia. This adoption gives you more immersive experience ensuring this design meets expectations before manufacturing.
Send us your idea version - or maybe talk to us about creating a model for you - and we will digitally prototype the design of yours by using real-world physics.
Digital Prototyping enables you to have the immersive design of yours, to promote it faster with your clients and levels you up compared to your competition. This also ultimately saves cash and time by using this route to verify your design.
This will make the next phase - Physical Prototype much more viable, quality driven and less trial-and-error.

Web Design & Web Development

The primary priorities of ours are actually producing sites which are specialized in presentation, user-friendly, driving info easily and quickly to the visitor with great ease of navigation and an apparent website structure. Our goal is producing new, vibrant and modern sites which encourages you as well as convey the advantages of the services of yours and the professionalism of yours. We design and produce bespoke sites which are actually tailored specifically to your clients wants.

Brand Development & Digital Marketing

One of the most vital areas of brand growth is just how you make clients think about you. Just put, a logo will be your unique visual identifier helping folks recognise you and enabling them to recall what it's you do. We believe that this is an incredibly important component for the business of yours and also provides instant visual cues of the brand essence of yours. We produce advertising that does well across your interaction material like print, marketing, stationery, signage etc.

BIM Services

We're experts in supplying BIM models which comply with your clients' complicated needs. We rank among the select several providers of BIM products in the UK capable of supplying to BIM Level two and beyond, detailing architectural, structural and MEP creating services components.
DesignBrief and its Network has years of experience as a sought after BIM advisor, producing BIM models and connected drawings for each phase of a task. We've an in depth knowledge of the BIM requirements needed to guarantee success.
BIM models are actually created in 3D with associated information attached in accordance with BIM best methods as well as client needs, identified within the project's BIM Execution Plan. Our BIM consulting expertise also include things like COBie assistance as needed and we work alongside ISO 19650 to ensure standardisation with our collaborative Network of specialists.

3D Visualization & Renders

We work closely with our clients to create good quality imagery, delivering potent & technically exact delivering presentations which add to client success. We make use of the newest visualisation and CGI rendering technologies and strategies to bring the designs of yours to life.
3D visualisation using CGI methods is actually the perfect resolution to show off all products and inside & exterior architectural rendering principles. With the appropriate skill set, this is realized through the most effective use of decor choices, furniture, lighting, colours, textures, and materials to facilitate the setting up, decision-making process and endorsement with stakeholders.
As an established CGI business, we learn how to locate the best angle to showcase the work of yours.
We are adapt to working with an initial brief, theme and deployment methods. We use state of the art design software and an array of high quality media packages to deliver a full spectrum visualization of your product.

Product Design

Designbrief Consutlancy has over 20 years’ experience in the design and testing of new products. We work in partnership with many different companies and provide a range of support. How you work with us is entirely up to you. It can be anything from the initial idea stage through to building and testing a prototype.
The preliminary technical designs are created in our design studio. From the outset, we understand your requirements and use the latest CAD software to visualise the product. At this stage it’s possible to rotate and explore every aspect of the design, you just can’t physically touch anything.
At the point where we are all comfortable that the design meets the requirements specified, a prototype is built. This will be used for testing the functional aspects of the product. The results will enable the designs to be refined before entering the manufacturing process.
To turn a really good idea into a product there are quite a few steps to go through. Designbrief is skilled at taking your requirements and designing a concept so we can develop it further. All this can happen before the need to build a prototype.
We produce a remarkable level of detail even at this stage. It will enable us to effectively build your product in the virtual world before incurring any production costs.

2D Cad Drafting

We deliver skillfully drawn, precise 2D CAD plans, sections, elevations, schematics and details across a bunch of style sectors. Our 2D CAD expertise is constantly tailored to best suit the needs of yours with scaled drawing output offered in the formats you need.
For our structural and architectural CAD services, our staff of highly trained CAD technicians are able to offer you precision drawings, from idea through to construction, and also structural blueprints, foundations, common arrangement illustrations as well as steel store drawings. We also offer synchronised MEP CAD design expertise driving HVAC along with electric layouts, detailing and sketches for fabrication.


Designbrief Consultancy is a specialist one stop Creative Design Company. Offering a turn key management solution to meet any need that has a creative input.
Whether it be short-term design projects, or additional resources to help with work overflows, we can quickly put the right design services in place to ensure your projects stay on track.
We cover the following areas:
●Design & Management Outsourcing via ourselves and our UK Partner Network.
●Recruitment placements for creative roles to support businesses. Such as providing a CAD engineer to work with you at your company.